About Dr. Kenneth J. McDonald, PsyD

About Dr. Kenneth J. McDonald, PsyD

Doctor of Clinical Psychology

A lot of us have a hard time asking for help. Fear, shame, or needing to be self-sufficient are feelings that can get in the way of recognizing when we need help–and reaching out and asking for it. My approach to therapy creates a safe place where sensitive, painful or scary feelings can be openly explored without judgment.

We form a partnership to figure out what is going on and how to move forward.

I am a Psychotherapist with over 13 years of experience in California and Colorado. I’m actively engaged in our work. It’s a partnership, after all. A way to help you overcome problem behaviors and develop better ways of coping.

I’m experienced in working with a wide variety of issues, including sexual and substance addictions, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, sexuality, relationship and intimacy problems.

Please check out my website to read more about how I work. If you’re interested in talking with me and seeing if I can be of help, please call or email me and we can set up a consultation session.


  • School: California Institute of Integral Studies:
  • Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology
  • Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology


  • International Association of Relational Psychoanalysis
  • Colorado Psychological Association
  • California Psychological Association
  • APA